An “instant classic” for the everyday life

Volta, the new shoe brand from Milanese design team Twentyfourseven, aims to bridge the gap between Church’s and Tricker’s with its smart leather sneakers and its mission is well briefed in its claim: “instant classic”. Thanks to its mid-cut signature shape, named “Classic” and to the consequent development of it, the “Boot”, Volta is recognized as one of the best up-and-coming European shoe-brands. Coming from Italy they have a cutting edge style which directs more to the casual look.

Volta is aimed at creating and marketing instant classics. Volta Footwear is the first brand line, launched Europe-wide at the beginning of 2008. Taking inspiration from the classics of footwear, they created a comfortable hybrid between sneakers and boots, designed and crafted to become part of your daily life.

One-style-only, unisex, affordable, the first-born mid-cut shape was called Classic. When the challenge is to redefine and actualize classic standards based on people’s needs nowadays, Volta’s mission will be carried-on through seasons and trends. That is how, in 2009 Volta Boot was designed and launched; not only a further development of the Volta Classic signature shape, but also a new, strong statement on the “sneakerboot” concept. In 2010 Volta Footwear turned 3 years old with the launch of a new shape, developed in collaboration with Vibram: its name is Strada, an everyday cross-trainer. Thought to set a new standard in footwear design, the new model has the same mission of any other Volta products: to be an instant classic.

The product is a mono-product unisex style,Volta combines the casual standards to a sneaker feel; a product brand with no strong local styles, ready to be for a wide international audience. The use of nylon on the back-side breaks the formal look, giving new flavour to a standard boot-style. The shape is a little pointy, to give the shoes a stronger outlook and to increase brand recognition. The colour-range gives the product different kinds of taste: the white styles can have a stronger sneaker appeal, while the brown-beige-green move closer to a casual-boot.

Volta’s low top ‘Classic’ silhouette and some brilliant summer boots. The Volta Summer boot employs lightweight materials and soft lambskin to keep your feel breathing well in the heat. Everyone’s life is made of “instant classics”, some unforgettable moments we live everyday: not very important moments, but just moments we are used to repeat every single day. This is Volta, a shoe that perfectly fits the way you feel when living day-to-day occasions.

Italian shoe label, Volta has released their new Autumn and Winter 2011 boot collection. The drop includes three different colourways of high Italian grade quality which includes a water-proof canvas and a blend of different wools to retain heat.

The Volta brand is coming to Stuarts of London from July 2011 onwards

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