Denham Jeans

The truth is in the detail

Jason Denham has come a long way since starting his career back in 1992 at the work shop of Joe Casley-Hayford. After setting up his own company Denham in spring 2009, Jason is making massive inroads into the overcrowded market place of premium denim with major retailers in Holland, Germany and the UK quick to pick up the brand. A guy called Liam Maher has joined Denhams team from Young Meagher about a year ago.

Liam is one of the most inspirational creatives he has ever had the pleasure of working with. Having worked in the industry for over 15 years, Denham is the man-in-the-know when it comes to anything related to the world’s favourite fabric.

The design of jeans has always been rooted in the context of utilitarian and work wear but his products incorporate sartorial and he thinks that when referred to as ‘products’ it does sound like work ware and gives his clothes an industrial feel but when taken into consideration the nature of the design, the integrity and the way they present our jeans, they are of course seen as fashion products.

Denham has been wowing denim fans across the planet with its selvedge jeans and ever-growing collections of compatible apparel and accessories. Based in Amsterdam’s canal district, where it maintains its HQ and a rather magnificent flagship store, the brand has expanded internationally with stores in Tokyo and London. Stepping up its game to serve its growing global following, Denham has launched a new and drastically enhanced online store that’s 1-on-1 compatible with its brand concept.

Premium denim brand Denham launches Denham service co, a bespoke denim service in separate premises adjacent to its stylish flagship store in downtown Amsterdam. Extending their denim knowledge and craftsmanship to a steadily growing fan base in the Netherlands and abroad, the brand now offers its clientele access to all the denim support required for what should be the long rewarding journey between quality jean and passionate jean-wearing: think handy services such as leg-shortening, fit alteration, hand-washing and tear-repair. The new space is another showcase of founder Jason Denham’s quality denim philosophy, featuring an atelier interior that’s very compatible with the aesthetics of the Denham flagship next door.

Jason has finally returned to his hometown to set up the latest installment in his enterprise in the heart of London’s Shoreditch area.  What they had in Amsterdam is a great store in the heart of the city and likewise with. They wanted to ensure that they were somewhere with the same vibe and being based in shore ditch specifically, really seems to encapsulate the audience.  The new UK store, which is situated in the heart of fashion-minded Shoreditch, saw a gaggle of worthy fashion people celebrating its’ launch party; Henry Holland was there, as was celebrity tailor Ozwald Boateng. The converted four-story warehouse seems to be an exciting place to be for denim-lovers – the brand’s London shop includes both men’s and women’s collections and repairs/alteration services so you can be sure that your denim will look picture-perfect.

“We have an amazing team with huge experience and passion for the products we love. I always say that before you can design a Jean you have to understand the history in our Denham studio we have an archive of more than 1,000 vintage pieces. The Denham point of difference is the passion for modern design and combining this skill with vintage it’s a balance in worshiping tradition, while destroying convention.” Jason Denham

Denham’s motto, “the truth is in the detail” is very evident when you get a close up view of the collection. The jeans are a good balance of a commitment to progressive design against an equally obsessive respect for jeans craft and tradition, which is commonly forgotten about these days.

Coming to Stuarts Of London from July 2011 onwards

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