Sebago X Vane

Design Collaborations and Offspring

While Docksides themselves haven’t changed, they have inspired collaborations, such as with design collective Vane New York City, as well as the popular Paris retailer, Colette. Sebago even partnered with Vane to launch their first pop-up store in New York City. The release of two Field Exo Boots from the Vane X Sebago Dark Forrest Collection. Both shoes are hand sewn double quarter boots, with waxed full grain leather upper, oiled and waxed tin cloth outer quarter all on a low-profile Vibram rugged sole.

Enter the forest at your own risk. This collection is inspired by the dark edges of the unknown, the vast areas of terrain where you must be prepared for anything, where the trail intersects with the imagination, and utility meets aesthetics. Drawing inspiration from nature yields clean lines, simple patterns, and a muted, earthy colour palette. Designed for the explorer of any kind, whether your travels take you to the treacherous back roads or the equally dangerous back alleys, nothing is promised once you cross the threshold.

NYC creative agency Vane has teamed up with Sebago for a limited-edition capsule collection. Though Sebago, the quintessential purveyor of the boat shoe, has been around since 1946, that doesn’t mean they’re stuck in the past. in runs of only 500, have traditional silhouettes, but get updated with grommet detailing, leather ties, and patent flashes that turn high-tops into boat boots, and low-rises that are way to cool to live on deck.


Vane Crew:  Ravi Thanawala is the financial mind and sourcing genius behind the entire operation, handling not only all financials and sales, but also finding fabrics and production contacts.  Eric Poon is the garment designer and co-creative, responsible for the silhouettes and the brand identity by working hand-in-hand with Atif to conceptualize everything. Atif Ateeq is the visual designer and other co-creative, and as a photographer by trade, helps guide the brand with his artistic aesthetic and eye. The three of them come from real diverse backgrounds. The company namesake, a play on the definition of vain reflects the apathetic image of the youth generation. Poon and Ateeq says they conjured the idea to replicate the growing cultural, political and artistic chaos that they saw was a direct result of globalization and the Internet. The trio takes a swing at the corporate culture that they believe is cannibalizing the youthful energy and talents of many of their peers. They ended up working twelve hour days, sitting in a cubicle and a monkey suit praying for the weekend. Over the course of two years, Ateeq, a photographer and photo editor by trade, and Poon, a graphic designer and writer with marketing experience at Triple 5 Soul, began to flesh out their idea, sketching a name and a crude logo.

Eric Poon and stylist Martha Violante at Vane

Eventually, the two developed a manifesto, the current pair of logos and a myriad of designs inspired by cultural and street imagery, with a healthy dose of irony behind all their artwork. Although the creative element was in place, the two still lacked the business logic necessary to run a company. The pair teamed up with Thanawala, whose finance and fashion background at Gucci and Balenciaga was a perfect fit for the more creative Ateeq and Poon. Vane became more than just ideas and designs, and Vane Lifestyle was born. It been the meticulous process of coming up with an idea, and then designing, sourcing, and promoting it that sets us apart from a lot of other start up brands. They quickly realized that they couldn’t gloss over the smallest details. They took all the necessary steps to be legitimate like getting trademarks and getting incorporated so that we could have wholesale accounts so that they could be serious with Vane, and a think a lot of people respected that.

The response to Vane from their friends and peers was overwhelmingly positive, and even respected industry veterans like Gregg Wolf began to take notice of the eye-catching Vane prints that had begun to permeate Lower Manhattan. Sensing that there was both substance and longevity behind the Vane movement, the team was able to launch Vane into a legitimate business.

So what does it mean when a classic American brand collaborates with an up and coming brand like Vane? Sebago is particularly innovative in helping to facilitate this team up because it means that as a brand they are seeing the trend. Men are beginning to refine and polish the way they dress. This evolution led to people diversifying their styles and their life with the brands they followed. So was the birth of the street wear lifestyle brand Boat shoes made a huge splash on the summer radar last year.

So in preparation for this year, Sebago decided to embrace the lifestyle brand Vane NY for the American collaboration.

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