Made for someone individual:

Heritage research had collection that is homage to the returning servicemen who fought in World War II. The ravages of this conflict had taken its toll on some more than others, and many disaffected young men returning after the war found themselves unable to re-assimilate with society – they were lost.The camaraderie and feeling of belonging that came from being part of a military unit and wanting, and so, for some it was replaced by taking to the road with other like-minded types, in cars and motorcycles. And a new cult of highway style was born. Hot rodding became the favourite pastimes of men had been trained in the military now turning those skills towards building and racing cars.
The Hawaiian sport of surfing rose in popularity in the 1940s in the USA. Surfing has a great impact on many of these ex-servicemen, its freedom and danger appealing to those who craved the adrenalin rush of action, mirroring that found in hot rodding and motorcycling riding. These sub cultures would become inextricably linked, creating the California stereotype we know today.Many of the ex GIs returned to education post war, some attending the eight Ivy League Universities and they inadvertently created a new style of blending their military issue garments such as chino’s with civilian clothing of the day.
One such serviceman being  John. F Kennedy, who would later become an icon of sartorial preppy style.
The label was started in 2008 by Russ Gater and Daniel Savory, a duo brought together by common tastes, industry experience and a shared penchant for collecting vintage clothing. Heritage Research camr to exist as a direct result of thier dynamic vision to produce works for a niche, developing audience. This audience would want to invest both time and money into a growing family of garments that illustrate a relationship between classic, essential attire and functional garments for a modern wardrobe.
Heritage Research clothing is crafted in England using the finest British and Japanese fabrics. Every garment is cut, sewn and finished by hand using traditional English tailoring methods. With contemporary designs that place great emphasis on detail, the military, outdoor and work wear themes at the brands core are always apparent.

Heritage Research is designed and made for someone individual rather than a production line.

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