This design of bag has been used in the transportation of mail and goods by numerous types of messengers including pony express riders, postal workers, and messengers on foot. The design of the modern messenger bag traces its origin to the utility linemans bag of the 1950s. Now many Fashion brands have begun creating updated and stylized versions of the bag using high quality fabrics. Namely the one were going to talk about Barbour who has introduced the man bag style to the fashion crowd.

John Barbour, the story begins with John being born in 1849 on a farm in Galloway, West Scotland.  He left by the age of twenty and tried his luck across the border in the North East of England, where he started the business as a travelling draper.  He set up J Barbour & Sons the growing town of South Shields. The popular shop soon became known as ‘Barbour’s’ to locals, however it was the local port industries need for protective elemental clothing that meant Barbour’s branded beacon oilskin protective coats became renowned for their quality and hardworking design, and today’s jackets still protect their wearers with this branded beacon skin. The success of providing the armed forces with waterproof clothing gave the company the confidence to develop a range of motorcycling gear and so the clothing of men’s Barbour started to take off.

The Life Archive of Ekins and McQueen racing through the Mojave Desert in 1963 wearing their Barbour Jackets.

The shop sold all manner of products loosely described as drapery including the outerwear, boiler suits, painter’s jackets through to underwear, and, in the flourishing town of South Shields the shop which became known as Barbour’s thrived. Almost from the first, Barbour derived an important part of its income from ship owners, ship builders and seaman of the port, supplying oilskin coats designed to protect the growing community of the men who worked on the sea and rivers from the worst of weathers.

Barbour bags are the new fashion story for this 4th generation brand. These bags, just like all of Barbour’s creations are well-designed and purposeful with a wonderfully English twist on heritage stylishness. Thanks to an astute selection of fabrics and great choice of styles, these Barbour bags manage to be pitch-perfect and perfectly on trend all at the same time.

Barbour Black Union Jack Retriever Bag £119.00

The Barbour To Ki To Camel rucksack the very understated and sophisticated, Barbour Thornproof Tarras Waxed Bag, a classic school satchel designed bag  or the Barbour Waxed Cotton Wheelie Holdall Bag, add in the Barbour Blag Union Jack Retriever Bag travel and the Union Jack Dry fly  for a bold heritage look. Tough and durable yet chic and always retaining the quality and functionality that Barbour are renowned for in particular, the use of a variety of fabrics means that you can choose a specific material and colour styling to suit your particular needs. Black weather-proof leather for travelling to work in wet weather or sandy coloured cotton in the summer.
It is the bags that have caught the attention of the fashion world.


Barbour Waxed Cotton Wheelie Holdall Bag £249.00

Quality has never been compromised, purpose never forgotten by the generation of weavers, tailors and seamstresses that have made each garment. A wonderful addition to any man’s wardrobe is the Barbour bag.

Barbour Thornproof Tarras Waxed Bag £98.00

Barbour Union Jack Dry Fly Bag £178.00

Just watch where you put your bag down, it might not be there when you return.


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