Ben Sherman x Millerain – Made in England

Ben Sherman has certainly placed themselves back on the map with the Modern Classics collection.

In 1963, Ben Sherman came back from America with the idea of making a button-down shirt. Having noticed the trend inspired by polo players of the time who used the

Ben Sherman

Ben Sherman x Millerain

button-downs to keep their shirt collars where they should be whilst riding. This practical, yet stylish feature was soon adopted by a set of style leaders back in England.

In Modern Classics Ben Sherman has applied nearly 50 years of shirt making expertise to bring you a collection of classic pieces, all with a subtle, modern twist. These are the piece we believe to be true wardrobe staples.

For Spring / Summer 2011, Ben Sherman Modern Classics has created a collection that draws inspiration from Aviation and the clothing worn by early World War II crewmen. Taking traditional styles and reworking them with contemporary detailing in modern fabrications. These garments have been designed to function and are crafted from premium fabrics that include British Millerain, fine Japanese Selvage twills, chambrays and cotton Oxford.

The range retains some of the brand’s signature detailing through button-downs on collars, traditional tailoring details and tabbed pockets.

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