2018 Adidas Y-3 Sneaker Releases

Spring/ Summer 2018 promises to be big in terms of sneaker releases from Adidas Y-3. Constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible the Adidas, Yohji Yamamoto tie up, celebrating 15 years, is constantly evolving to produce some of the world's most sought after trainers across  lifestyle categories. This season is no different with some of the featured releases at Stuarts London over the coming months including the latest launches of highly sought after Y-3 Saikou, Kusari and Shishu Stan silhouettes.

You can view the full list of Adidas Y-3 trainers set to launch at Stuarts London over the next couple of months below. If you are interested in a particular launch, make sure you register your interest by subscribing to our Nike launch reminders and we will email you as soon as the article is available online.

January 2018

 ModelColourwayStyle CodeRelease DateRRP in (GBP)
1Adidas Y-3 Super KnotBlackAC7405Online NowRRP £220.00
2Adidas Y-3 Super KnotChilli Pepper & WhiteAC7482Online NowRRP £220.00
3Adidas Y-3 Super KnotWhiteAC7404Online NowRRP £220.00
4Adidas Y-3 SuberouBlackAC7201Online NowRRP £270.00
Adidas Y-3 SuberouChilli Pepper & WhiteAC7198Online NowRRP £270.00
6Adidas Y-3 SaikouWhite / BlackAC719526/01/2018RRP £330.00
6Adidas Y-3 SaikouBlack / WhiteAC719626/01/2018RRP £330.00
6Adidas Y-3 KuasriBlackDB207919/01/2018RRP £290.00
6Adidas Y-3 KusariChilli Pepper RedAC719119/01/2018RRP £290.00


February 2018

 ModelColourwayStyle CodeRelease DateRRP in (GBP)
1Adidas Y-3 HariganeBlueAC7194Online NowRRP £315.00
2Adidas Y-3 HariganeBlackAC7192Online NowRRP £315.00
3Adidas Y-3 HariganeWhiteAC7193Online NowRRP £315.00

March 2018

 ModelColourwayStyle CodeRelease DateRRP in (GBP)
1Adidas Y-3 Shishu StanBlueAC7512Expt. 01/03/2018RRP £315.00
2Adidas Y-3 Shishu StanBlackAC7513Expt. 01/03/2018RRP £315.00
3Adidas Y-3 KusariTBCAC7190Expt. 01/03/2018RRP TBC
3Adidas Y-3 SaikouTBCAC7197Expt. 01/03/2018RRP TBC