Adidas Originals Sneaker Release Dates



Spring/ Summer 2018 promises to be a big one in terms of sneaker releases and archive re-issues from Adidas Originals. Constantly evolving to produce some of the world's most sought after trainers across the sports and lifestyle categories this season is no different with some of the featured releases at Stuarts London over the coming months including the Adidas Prophere, Forrest Hill's re-issues as well as the much anticipated Adidas Kamanda.

You can view the full list of Adidas trainers set to launch at Stuarts London over the next couple of months below. If you are interested in a particular launch, make sure you register to our launch reminders list and we will email you as soon as the article is available online.

January 2018

 ModelColourwayStyle CodeRelease DateRRP in (GBP)
1Adidas Originals Gazelle Core BlackCQ2809Expt. 01/01/2018RRP £74.95
2Adidas Originals LA TrainerCore BlackCQ2277Online NowRRP £79.95
3Adidas Originals LA TrainerDark BlueCQ2278Online NowRRP £79.95
4Adidas Originals MunchenBrownCQ2320Online NowRRP £79.95
Adidas Originals MunchenTrace BlueCQ2321Online NowRRP £79.95
6Adidas Originals Stan SmithFTWR WhiteCQ2870Online NowRRP £79.95
7Adidas Originals Stan SmithFTWR WhiteCQ2871Online NowRRP £79.95
8Adidas Originals Swift Run PKFTWR WhiteCQ2892Online NowRRP £89.95
9Adidas Originals Swift Run PKCore BlackCQ2893Online NowRRP £89.95
10Adidas Originals Tubular ShadowFTWR WhiteCQ0928Online NowRRP £79.95
11Adidas Originals BW ArmyFTWR WhiteCQ2755Online NowRRP £84.95
12Adidas Originals BW ArmyCollegiate NavyCQ2756Online NowRRP £84.95
13 Adidas Originals BW ArmyCollegiate GoldCQ2801Expt. 01/01/2018RRP £74.95
14Adidas Originals Gazelle SuperTactile GreenCQ2796Expt. 01/01/2018RRP £84.95
15Adidas Originals Gazelle Super EssenTrace RoyalCQ2792Expt. 01/01/2018RRP £74.95
16Adidas Originals Jeans SuperCarbonCQ2787Expt. 01/01/2018RRP £84.95
17Adidas Originals EQT Bask ADVCore BlackCQ2993Expt. 01/01/2018RRP £89.95
18Adidas Originals EQT Bask ADVGrey OneCQ2995Online NowRRP £89.95
19Adidas Originals Samba OGFTWR WhiteBZ0057Online NowRRP £79.95
20Adidas Originals Samba OGCore BlackBZ0058Online NowRRP £79.95

February 2018

 ModelColourwayStyle CodeRelease DateRRP in (GBP)
1Adidas Originals HavenSt Pale NudeCQ3035Online NowRRP £84.95
2Adidas Originals HavenCore BlackCQ3036Online NowRRP £89.95
3Adidas Originals HavenFTWR WhiteCQ3037Online NowRRP £89.95
4Adidas Originals LA TrainerCore BlackCQ2273Online NowRRP £89.95
Adidas Originals LA TrainerGrey OneCQ2274Online NowRRP £89.95
6Adidas Originals Tubular Shadow CKFTWR WhiteCQ0929Expt. 01/02/2018RRP £79.95
7Adidas Originals Tubular Shadow CKCore BlackCQ0930Expt. 01/02/2018RRP £79.95
8Adidas Originals Twinstrike ADVCore BlackCM8095Expt. 01/02/2018RRP £149.95
9Adidas Originals Twinstrike ADVCore BlackCM8097Expt. 01/02/2018RRP £149.95

March 2018

 ModelColourwayStyle CodeRelease DateRRP in (GBP)
1Adidas Originals Gazelle Stitch and TurnCollegiate RoyalBB6756Exp. 01/03/2018RRP £84.95
2Adidas Originals Gazelle Stitch and TurnCollegiate RedBB6757Exp. 01/03/2018RRP £89.95
3Adidas Originals Gazelle Stitch and TurnCore BlackCQ2358Exp. 01/03/2018RRP £89.95
4Adidas Originals ProphereCore BlackCQ2126Exp. 01/03/2018RRP £89.95
Adidas Originals ProphereTrace OliveCQ3024Exp. 01/03/2018RRP £89.95
6Adidas Originals PW Tennis HU PKChalk WhiteCQ263002/03/2018RRP £99.95
7Adidas Originals PW Tennis HU PKChalk WhiteCQ263102/03/2018RRP £99.95
8Adidas Originals Forrest HillsFTWR WhiteCQ208320/03/2018RRP £79.95
9Adidas Originals Forrest HillsCore BlackCQ208420/03/2018RRP £79.95
10Adidas Originals Deerupt RunnerSolar RedCQ262422/03/2018RRP £89.95
11Adidas Originals Deerupt RunnerFTWR WhiteCQ262522/03/2018RRP £89.95
12Adidas Originals Deerupt RunnerCore BlackCQ262622/03/2018RRP £89.95

April 2018


 ModelColourwayStyle CodeRelease DateRRP in (GBP)
1Adidas Originals New YorkCrystal WhiteCQ2485Exp. 01/04/2018RRP £79.95
2Adidas Originals New YorkFTWR WhiteCQ2895Exp. 01/04/2018RRP £89.95
3Adidas Originals KamandaCollegiate BurgundyCQ221928/04/2018RRP £99.95
4Adidas Originals KamandaCore BlackCQ222028/04/2018RRP £99.95

May 2018

 ModelColourwayStyle CodeRelease DateRRP in (GBP)
1Adidas Originals KamandaFTWR WhiteCQ2085Expt. 01/05/2018RRP £79.95
2Adidas Originals KamandaFTWR WhiteCQ2086Expt. 01/05/2018RRP £79.95
3Adidas Originals Gazelle SuperCore BlackCQ2797Expt. 01/05/2018RRP £84.95
4Adidas Originals Gazelle SuperCrystal WhiteCQ2798Expt. 01/05/2018RRP £84.95
Adidas Originals F/22 PKShock GreenAH217203/05/2018RRP £109.95
6Adidas Originals F/22 PKTrace OrangeCQ302503/05/2018RRP £109.95
7Adidas Originals EQT Support ADVWhite TintCQ304211/05/2018RRP £109.95
8Adidas Originals Adidas 350Core BlackCQ277719/05/2018RRP £79.95
9Adidas Originals Adidas 350FTWR WhiteCQ277819/05/2018RRP £79.95
10Adidas Originals Samba Classic OGChalk WhiteCQ221619/05/2018RRP £89.95

June 2018

 ModelColourwayStyle CodeRelease DateRRP in (GBP)
1Adidas Originals GazelleGreenBB5477Online NowRRP £74.95